Instant Gratification Cherry Almond Smoothie Bowl

Our favorite part of this creamy confection is our secret ingredient: Surthrival Colostrum! And here's why! Colostrum gives this recipe a creamy texture and rich flavor, AND it also packs in an incredible array of nutrients, fueling your energy for the day. 

Try this blend with different frozen fruits, extracts, and superfoods, and you'll never miss Ben and Jerry again ;) The possibilities are as infinite as your imagination...




2 bags Organic Dark Sweet cherries** (10oz each)

1/3 cup Surthrival Colostrum2 tbsp Organic Raw Cream

1 tbsp Maca powder

2 tsp Lucuma powder

2 tsp Vanilla Powder (vanilla bean or vanilla extract could be used in place of)

2 tsp Almond Extract (more or less as desired)

1 Free Range Egg

1/8 cup of Organic Ghee or Coconut Oil

Sweeten with Maple Syrup, Honey or Stevia, if desired

Garnish with shaved dark chocolate or cacao nibs

*Buy already frozen cherries or freeze your own to get that ice cream consistency of a smoothie bowl!




Combine all ingredients directly into your high-powered blender (we love the Vitamix!). Using the tamper tool, put the blender on high, and quickly tamp the ingredients until blended. You'll know it's ready when you have a frozen yogurt consistency!

If desired, garnish with: Shaved Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Jarrah Bee Pollen, and Organic Almonds.

Flavored vanilla colostrum would also work great here, just eliminate the vanilla bean and adjust your sweetener.



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