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We’re glad you made it here! If you came for help—and we all need a little sometimes—know that the Surthrival Team is here to do just that! Whether you're checking in on an order you've placed, have a question about dosage, or just want to know a little more about our products, just click the green 'Help' button on the bottom right corner of any page and soon your questions will become answers!


You may not know this, but Surthrival is a small team—like 4 people small. That’s just 4 people to manage everything from taking orders to handling formulation so we can provide the world these brilliant products. Because we’re such a small team, our ability to answer phones is limited, so if you do try calling and don’t reach a human, please leave a message and we'll call you back. Promise! 


The best and fastest way to get in touch is by submitting a 'help ticket' using the green 'Help' button. It’s our policy to answer all of our customer inquiries within 24 business hours, and we really prefer to handle our communications this way. It gives us a running log of your inquiry, just in case one team member needs to pick up where another left off.


Many of the questions our customers need answered we’ve included in our FAQ. To save some time drafting a message, or waiting for a call or email back from us, our FAQ may be an easy way to get a simple question answered quickly!


Oh, one more thing––and maybe the most importantMany people choose herbs and supplements over (or to compliment) conventional medicine, and though we acknowledge this exploration in healing, we are not doctors and can't directly recommend this course of action. Contraindications (how medicines interact with each other) are serious business, not even a doctor has them all memorized. Please don’t ask us, as we can only point you toward further research on your end. The only prescription we can give is to have you consult your Physician or Naturopath for help determining what supplementation is best for you. 


We want to thank you for allowing us to be your health ally. We want to support you fully, and develop a lasting relationship with you. So…Let us know how we can help!