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Surthrival Colostrum is head and shoulders far superior than any other similar product on the market. As a doctor, I recommend to all my patients and also sprinkle on my pets food as well. Rich and creamy with a texture unlike any other colostrum I have had (and I have tried many in the past). 5+++ stars. Simply the Best.

– Alan L. | Verified Buyer

Seriously it is the best and cleanest protein powder I have ever had. I have tried: sunflower seed protein, pumpkin seed, bio-fermented rice protein, pea protein isolate, and many others in between. When it comes to single-ingredient impeccably sourced protein powder - the taste can really leave something to be desired. Not the Black Walnut Powder though. Taste, texture, and quality has won me over. 

– Cheryl | Verified Buyer

If you don't have this product, you are missing out! I have been a loyal customer for years. The products offered here ARE the "real" deal! Try for yourself! You will be most blessed in so-doing. At 56, I am still thriving!

– Michael C. | Verified Buyer

I took a few years off from Tonic herbs, but I'm glad I'm back. This is a very potent Tonic. I have not found a Velvet Antler product that compares.

- Cory N. | Verified Buyer