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Special Announcement: We WON a NEXTY Award!

"It can be a bit shocking to learn how many steps it takes, from planting to production, to create a typical plant-based protein powder. Surthrival’s Black Walnut Protein Powder changes the game with “wild nutrition you can feel great about.” Foragers, family and friends collect black walnuts from the wild—and are paid fairly by the pound—then the walnuts are transferred to a third-generation family-owned business in Missouri. Deep in the heart of black walnut country, this protein powder comes to life. Unlike many other protein sources, black walnut is habitat friendly, meaning no agricultural land is used and no irrigation is required. Benefitting the soil, habitat, wildlife, waterways, foragers and local families, Black Walnut Protein Powder is planet and people forward."
— New Hope Network

We're honored and grateful to announce that Surthrival's Black Walnut Protein Powder won Best Planet Forward Product of 2023 at Expo East!

The NEXTY Awards recognize the most progressive, impactful, and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. Our team is so passionate about this wild and ethically harvested protein powder, and we're incredibly humbled to receive this accolade and be included in such an inspiring line-up of products.

Thank you — our valued customers and fellow health enthusiasts — for inspiring us to create products from nature that both expand the human potential AND are formulated, sourced, and processed with integrity.