The Secret Powers of Colostrum

A supplement that may help protect from many illnesses and diseases, said to have prevented and cured such things as gum disease, salmonella poisoning AND gives you glowing skin. You might be thinking one supplement couldn't possibly have that many amazing benefits. We're here to tell you it can, Colostrum!

 Hailed by many as "the world's most functional food," cow colostrum, or "immune milk," is a supplement designed to help you burn fat, increase stamina and build lean muscle. Some 4,000 studies on the product have shown its amazing health properties.


Wait a minute….did you say Colostrum?

So what exactly is colostrum? It's the thin, yellowish fluid cows (all mammals, in fact!) produce in the days following the birth of a calf. The mother cow produces this liquid in the first few milkings, with the fluid transferring immunities to her newborn. Also called bovine colostrum, the liquid features a chemical structure identical to human colostrum, and is rich in immunoglobulins, or types of protein that fight germs and otherwise promote immune system health. Colostrum contains a rich source of proteins and antibodies that are created to give immunity to the growing calf, allowing the calf to have immunities to diseases until calf's immune system is functioning on its own. The liquid is high in anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties. It is rich in growth factors as well. 


How can Colostrum from Cows benefit Human Health?

Colostrum is said to stimulate the immune system, treat diarrhea and lower your risk of contracting upper-respiratory infections. The liquid is believed to feature anti-aging properties and contribute to a long, healthy life. It also reduces the risk of intestinal damage due to anti-inflammatory drugs, and is used to lower levels of the C-reactive protein in the blood following surgery.


Not impressed yet? There’s more!

In addition to promoting a healthy immune system and keeping various infections at bay, Colostrum is an ideal supplement for athletes and those interested in improving their overall fitness level. If you've found you're not getting the results you want or are looking for clean and healthy ways to boost your energy levels, thereby giving you more stamina for working out, consider starting a colostrum regimen. It can aid the body in burning fat and increasing lean muscle without resorting to dangerous diet pills, and also is known to help injuries heal quicker (due largely in part to the naturally occurring growth factors it contains). This makes the supplement ideal if training for a marathon, joining a gym or seeking to revamp your exercise routine. You'll enjoy more energy, less time worrying about injuries, and overall better health, something every athlete or fitness enthusiast can appreciate!


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Awesome! But how do I add it to my diet?

There are numerous options for adding this vital liquid to your diet. Colostrum in powder form can be added to your Bulletproof Coffee, or thrown in your favorite smoothie recipe or recipe, even pancakes! Take it as a stand-alone food as well, or in an easy-to-use capsule. It's also an amazing addition to your favorite desserts because of its rich creamy flavor! However you choose to ingest colostrum, it's essential to do so on a empty stomach so food doesn't interfere with absorption. It's also important to note that fresh colostrum (liquid, not powder) should be refrigerated to avoid spoiling.

Additional Tips and tricks!

Remember to take colostrum when engaged in a regular exercise routine to maximize the benefits. Muscles often quickly recover after an intense workout when taking colostrum regularly!

Do you suffer from acne or blemishes, you wish would just go away? At night, make a homemade face mask with colostrum and some honey or other at home facial faves and mask your face, let sit for a bit, then rinse. The results are incredible and it's gentle for those with sensitive skin.

This is only a partial list of the ways Colostrum has benefitted many when added to a daily supplement routine. See for yourself why Colostrum is our top-seller and a secret ally to those who use it and enjoy the results.

We want you to start enjoying and feeling the many benefits of this supplement. Get more out of your workouts, keep illness away, and start glowing today!



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April 16, 2020

It seems like you’re contradicting yourself. You say to take colostrum on an empty stomach so food doesn’t interfere with absorption. Then you go on to say its perfect to add to smoothies or even pancakes. What’s the verdict…with or without food??

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