Collagen, A Necessary Beauty Secret

We're living in a cultural time when it's increasingly becoming the norm to use cosmetic surgery to alter the way our skin appears. As people age, more and more of the population is relying on cosmetic alterations to hide the inevitable decline of their skins integrity and spending endless money on temporary fixes like injections, and cosmetic creams and serums that end up at the bottom of a bathroom drawer having delivered little to no visible results.
What if people could use preventative measures to maintain their beautiful, young looking skin?   What if instead of paying hundreds of thousands or dollars to have surgery performed on them, they could take small doses of a natural supplement that contains the very substances that build skin?  What if this preventative measure provided more successful maintenance of healthy skin than the cosmetic surgery could ever hope to?  We're in luck, because we do have access to this natural anti-aging beauty tonic which can help to prolong the time we spend in our youthful skin.
Some of you may already be familiar with the connective tissue component of skin called collagen.  However, are you aware of just how vital collagen is to the integrity and longevity of your skin?  The collagen proteins are the beauty secret I am referring to.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals and makes up about 25-30% of the whole body protein content.  Our epidermis is our outer layer of skin, while collagen forms large bundles that weave together in a continuous layer under our epidermis.  Collagen is not just in the skin, but is found all throughout our tissues, strengthening our tissue matrix as a whole structure.  It's also found in our glands, organs, tendons, and ligaments.  I suppose you could say that collagen basically helps hold our bodies together.  It's the foundation for what allows us to maintain (or fail to maintain) firm and beautiful skin and tissues.
Collagen is a family of extra-cellular proteins that give the skin its ability to move, stretch and rebound its shape.  With this information you can imagine how healthy collagen assists in resisting the aging process and maintaining tight and firm skin.  Collagen helps us to avoid the development of wrinkles and fine-lines, as well as prevent the decline of our musculature and vital organs.
There is one member in the collagen protein family that is the driving force for aging well and looking young.  That protein is elastin.  Our skin, arteries, lungs and ligaments contain the most elastin found in our bodies.  It's been said that elastin represents, more than any other substance, the molecular "Fountain of Youth."  Elastin is made to last.  It is produced naturally by your body during puberty and during other periods of rapid growth.  Hormones and growth factors facilitate the manufacturing of elastin which is why it's produced during potent hormonal growing phases.
If our bodies only have the ability to naturally produce elastin while experiencing significant hormonal changes and growth during adolescence, how can we rebuild, regenerate, and strengthen our elastin now that we are beyond our adolescent years?  The answer is to consume foods and supplements that contain elastin.  SurThrival has one of the few supplements in today's marketplace that actually contains these collagen proteins, including elastin.
 Now, you are probably wondering what natural supplement can supply the elastin that can support the integrity of our skin.  What is the source of this natural elastin that supports beautiful skin and resistance to the aging process?
Surthrival Elk Antler VelvetIt's our Elk Antler Velvet extraction, which contains elastin and five other collagen proteins.  One of the active extracellular matrix components of Elk Antler Velvet is the collagen proteins, which include specifically, concentrations of elastin. Collagen aids in the development of the Elk’s antlers, where it acts as a structural molecule.  At SurThrival, we humanely harvest the “living tips” of these velvet stage antlers, for the production of our Elk Velvet Antlerextraction. Many of you may already be familiar with the fact that Elk Antler Velvet contains a wide array of growth factors, including the well-known and researched, IGF-1. IGF-1 and IGF-2 have been known to increase lean body mass, reduce fat deposition, build bone, muscle, and nerves, all the while assisting in glucose metabolism. 
It has also been known to stimulate hormone production.  Thus, IGF growth factors could facilitate the breeding grounds for the development of elastin.  This means the consumption of Velvet Elk Antler has the potential to stimulate the healthy production of elastin when it is a part of our everyday diet.Monstruo Estudio
This means, supplementing your healthy diet & exercise routine with antler velvet may assist in the maintenance of beautiful skin, strong organs, healthy flexibility; all while approaching and moving through the aging process gracefully and easily!

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