Surthrival Holdster


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Surthrival Embossed Mason Jar Holdster

Surthrival Embossed Holdster with 500ml wide-mouth mason jar and 2 part lid. This is the perfect home for your mason jar. 

Add a Cuppow for a perfect travel mug!




Holdster - A modern take on the iconic Mason jar.

SurThrival’s sexy and sophisticated twist on this All-American icon, the Mason jar! We love using our Mason jars for just about everything, including hot drinks, and now you can house your hot liquids without burning your mitts!

We've partnered with Holdster to bring you these USA made, vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather Mason jar holsters! They fit the standard 16oz wide-mouth Mason Jar (included), wrapping it in luxurious leather, and featuring a full-sized handle to protect your hands from hot glass. SurThrival’s Mason Jar Holdster makes a perfect personal tea or coffee cup all by itself, or pick up four for the fully furnished set.

Each one comes with a 500ml wide-mouth Mason Jar, complete with its two part lid, and is lightly embossed with the distinctive SurThrival Glyph.

Hand-tapped copper rivets and beautifully stitched trim take the Mason jar from the recesses of grandma’s pantry to kitchens of the modern healthy haute! Our Holdster fits the glass snuggly, but is easily removable for cleaning or replacing the jar. The Holdster is pictured below with the Cuppow lid for mason jars. To assist you in stocking up your pantry with these amazing sets of drinking vessels, we’ve created a few bundles for you:

  • Holdster by itself = $29.97
  • Holdster + Cuppow Lid = $37.97
  • 4 Holdsters = $99.00
  • 4 Holdsters + 4 Cuppow Lids = $127.97