Biamatrix Energy Drink


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Surthrival’s Biamatrix is a precision formula that promotes healthy sustained energy by combining herbs and natural amino acids to combat fatigue and provide the physical and mental focus to take you through your workout or workday. Made with all-natural ingredients, Biamatrix delivers the fuel you need for optimum performance every day!

Each tub contains 60 Servings — A 2-Month Supply!

Surthrival's BiaMatrix harnesses the synergy of Yerba Maté, Creatine and balancing amino acids and herbal superfoods to deliver the fuel you need for optimum performance every day! Skip the crash and jitters that conventional pre-workout energy drinks can cause. BiaMatrix's carefully-curated blend of plant-based and adaptogenic herbal compounds offers a healthy, balanced and focused energy boost while simultaneously working to fight the physical and mental effects of aging.

Take on your day with a clear mind, peaceful mood and long-lasting energy!


  • Yerba maté is a gentle stimulant that boosts mental focus and clarity, as well as increases fatigue resistance. An intelligent stimulant — it also promotes the use of fat as energy during exertion. Yerba maté contains both caffeine and theobromine (the feel-good compound found in chocolate that offers energy without stimulating the central nervous system).
  • Creatine is a well-known and heavily researched supplement ally in the fitness world. It's a powerhouse that boosts strength, lean muscle quality and cognitive functioning. It has also been shown to significantly improve body composition.
  • Beta-Alanine is an amino acid derivative that improves fatigue resistance. In addition, it works synergistically with creatine, enhancing creatine's effectiveness on improved muscle quality.
  • Betaine (TMG) protects cells and proteins from stress while decreasing fatigue.
  • L-Tyrosine is a mood-boosting, stress-reducing amino acid. It's a precursor for dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline — giving your brain the boost it needs to help you avoid mental burnout and improve your mood and focus.
  • Adaptogenic herbal superfoods — Schizandra, Rhodiola, and Goji Berry — are a carefully curated blend that work synergistically to promote a healthy, balanced and focused energy boost. Schizandra for enhanced mood, reduced fatigue, and improved cognitive function. Goji Berry for increased energy, improved exercise performance, and reduced stress & fatigue. Rhodiola for its potent adaptogenic and energizing effects that help to reduce stress and increase mental stamina and physical endurance.



Suggested Use:

  • Shake container before each use. Mix one scoop per 3-4 ounces of water.
  • Adjust serving size based on body weight and energy needs.
  • May be used as needed for healthy energy throughout the day.

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