Refreshing Schizandra Lemonade-Iced Tea

Need to beat the end of summer heat? Cool off with our refreshing — and detoxifying! — twist on the classic "half-and-half", lemonade + iced tea: Schizandra Lemonade-Iced Tea! 
Easily makes large batches for friends and family to enjoy — whip up this simple drink on the fly with ingredients you have on hand, or spice it up with creative ingredients to add some flair to an end-of-summer party.


  • Fresh Spring Water 
  • Green Tea (Infused in the sun)
  • Lemons
  • Ginger Juice 
  • Raw Honey
  • Surthrival Schizandra
  • Add fresh berries, herbs, etc. for your own unique spin on this classic summer libation!

To begin, simply infuse tea in the sun (we like green tea, but feel free to sub in your favorite tea too!).

Once the tea is brewed to your liking, add fresh-squeezed lemon juice and ginger juice.

Next, add in a few teaspoons of Surthrival Schizandra! A little Schizandra goes a long way, and we recommend about 1/2 teaspoon added for each 8 oz. cup of water in your batch.

Add raw honey or your favorite sweetener to taste.


Blend, Serve, ENJOY!

Cheers to the last days of summer!

Schizandra Berry aka the “five flavor berry” (schisandra chinensis), is an ancient beauty tonic and one of the most celebrated tonic and adaptogenic substances in the Chinese system of medicinal herbalism. Surthrival’s Schizandra Berry Concentrate is made from 100% Organic, American-grown Schizandra Berries, dried at peak ripeness using a proprietary process to lock-in and maximize their Antioxidant Potential and Nutritive & Adaptogenic properties!

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