Probiotic-Rich Blueberry Superfood Gelato

Ever get a late-night craving for something sweet? Well, we've got the perfect treat to satisfy your midnight sweet tooth (and truth be told, it's delicious any time of day or night ;))! Blueberry Superfood Gelato!

This dessert has probiotics a-plenty thanks to Surthrival Colostrum, which is low-temperature spray-dried to preserve bioactivity — ensuring a diverse suite of beneficial microflora. Frozen wild blueberries add a vibrant flavor along with providing the gelato-like consistency. Top with chia seeds, bee pollen, cacao nibs ~ or any of your favorite superfoods!


1/2 cup Ice Cubes
1 cup Frozen Wild Blueberries,
1/4 cup Surthrival Colostrum Powder
2 heaping tbsp Lucuma powder
2 tbsp Mesquite Meal
1 tsp Vanilla Powder
2 tbsp Coconut Oil
Stevia (or) Sweetener of Choice

Add all the ingredients into a blender. Blend on high while using the tamper to mash the ingredients into a smooth, creamy gelato. Add the toppings of your choice; some of our favorites include bee pollen and chia seeds!

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