Pine Pollen and Its Immunity Powers

As modern science continues to gain more insight into the power of nutrition to affect your overall physical condition and the aging process in general, it's becoming abundantly clear that a healthy immune system is a crucial component in maintaining optimal human health.

Unfortunately, as androgen and estrogen levels decrease with aging, so does the endocrine system's ability to provide you with the immunity function needed to maintain the vitality and resilience of youth. But wait...there's good news! Continuing nutritional research is uncovering substances, such as Pine Pollen, that can help restore depleted endocrine systems, increase energy levels, and help you to maintain healthy immune functions.

Targeting the Source

One of the most misunderstood aspects of aging is that many health issues that arise are often symptoms of hormonal depletion (that accompanies andropause and menopause), rather than isolated conditions in and of themselves. The reduced endocrine function of aging decreases the body's immunity powers, leaving you susceptible to a host of conditions that might seem random...but are actually indicators of a more general problem.

One of the primary hormones lost through the natural aging process is — surprise, surprise — testosterone! Testosterone is a core component of healthy immune systems, and both men AND women experience testosterone loss as they age. This depletion can result in a host of health issues — weight gain, lethargy, lack of sexual energy, and many other conditions — that are frequently treated symptomatically, rather than holistically. Feeling tired but can’t sleep? Depressed but have no idea why? These can be signs that your testosterone is low and your essential hormone levels are out of whack.

Pine pollen — the male sperm of pine trees — has been identified as one of nature's richest sources of plant-derived testosterone available. Now being offered as a dietary supplement, wild-harvested Pine Pollen powder is becoming a vital component of many modern nutritional regimes aimed at boosting energy, slowing the aging process, and aiding in a rejuvenation of the entire physiological system.


Estrogen is easily dominating in our bodies, especially for women. From the chemicals in women’s beauty products to the plastic wrap that is covering last night's leftovers, estrogen is everywhere in our modern world and ready to take over by seeping through our skin. Menopausal symptoms such as weight gain, inflammation, mood swings, and libido loss are often relieved through the use of Pine Pollen — which works to create harmony with your testosterone and estrogen levels.

The Power of Elite Nutrition

The ability of this super-charged extract to exert such a powerful positive impact on decreased endocrine functions can be traced to the presence of over 200 bioactive nutrients, minerals, and vitamins contained in high-quality, wild-harvested and cell-wall broken (for maximum bio-availability) Pine Pollen. These substances work to help restore peak physical and mental activity, along with improving waning energy levels, by working to balance androgen and estrogen levels. In short, Pine Pollen offers next level healthy immune system operations support!

Consumed daily, Pine Pollen has been linked to a number of beneficial nutritional responses, such as:

  • Increased free testosterone levels in the blood
  • Enhanced metabolic functions affecting skin and hair health
  • Restored hormonal levels in adults experiencing andropause and menopause
  • Significantly improved vitality and stamina levels
  • Improved weight control ability from reflecting rehabilitated metabolism

The health-enhancing properties of Pine Pollen were first recorded by the “divine farmer” Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing during his research into medicinal plants some 2000 years ago in Han dynasty China. It has been a staple in Chinese and Korean natural medicines ever since and is still being used in these cultures today to restore energy and as a general health restorative agent.

Pine Pollen powder and extracts are bio-available dietary supplements that can be used by men and women who do not exhibit an allergy to such substances. Utilized for its potent rejuvenating benefits for millennia, Pine Pollen is time-tested and will help to restore your body from the inside out. The vigor of your youth is a mere dropperful of Pine Pollen extract or scoop of Pine Pollen powder away!


We might be just a little passionate about Pine Pollen, but bringing you tried and true, top-quality superfoods to support your dynamic life is...kind of our gig. There's a reason our suite of Pine Pollen products is a signature Surthrival line ~ they're truly the best that nature has to offer.

Have you tried Pine Pollen before? What is your reasoning for supplementing your diet with Pine Pollen, and how has it aided in your overall health and vitality?


**Pine Pollen is so powerful that we always recommend to do your research and consult with your holistic physician before you start any supplement regimen! This is especially important when addressing hormone levels with Pine Pollen alcohol extractions.

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Team Surthrival

Team Surthrival

May 16, 2023

Hi Max,

Thank you so much for writing!

Unfortunately, we’re not able to give medical advice, but we’re happy to provide with you any documentation we have to bring to your provider to discuss.

We’re so sorry we can’t be of more help here, but please do reach out if there’s any additional information you’d like to see!

Keep Thriving!

Team Surthrival

Max Rawnsley

Max Rawnsley

May 16, 2023

Pls explain/advise re benefit to overcome urinating 2/3 times pernight?

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