Surthrival announces launch of proprietary Black Walnut Powder

The Surthrival team is passionate about offering the most incredible, most effective, and meticulously formulated & sourced nutritional supplements on the market.  We're thrilled to have launched our CO2 extracted Black Walnut Protein Powder and want to educate our fans on this first-of-its-kind product.  

What is Black Walnut Protein and why is ours so special?

  • Black Walnut Protein Powder comes from 100% USA wild-grown, sustainably foraged & processed black walnuts. 

  • Surthrival is the only supplement company offering CO2 extracted Black Walnut Protein Powder on the market today and we're proud to have been given the opportunity.

  • Black Walnuts contain the highest protein content of any tree nut (17 grams of protein per ¼-cup serving!) and are an excellent alternative for health-conscious consumers seeking to add more high-quality, plant-based protein to their diet, according to WebMD.

  • Unlike other proteins, black walnut is habitat-friendly – no agricultural land is used or irrigation required, since the trees aren’t “grown” like traditional crops (which means no fertilizers or toxic chemicals are involved - only wholesome, healthy, wild nature). 

  • To create our Black Walnut Protein Powder, Surthrival uses an ultra-clean CO2 extraction process to draw out the powerful plant-based protein from its wild-foraged, sustainable harvest.

  • Surthrival’s single-ingredient Black Walnut Powder is vegan, vegetarian, Paleo friendly, Non-GMO and Gluten free

It’s become one of our most popular products. Get more info and order online here. 

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