Natural Bamboo Toothbrush


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Natural Bamboo Toothbrush by Surthrival

with biodegradable polymer bristles

Try the Surthrvial toothbrush paired with Thriving Healthy Gums for an upgraded oral hygiene experience. 

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Our Surthrival Toothbrush is a 100% natural toothbrush with a handle made of sustainable bamboo and biodegradable polymer bristles that is gentle on teeth and gums to help remove surface stains for naturally whiter teeth.

How to use:

SurThrival recommends brushing teeth twice a day for 3-4 minutes using a high quality toothpaste or SurThrival Healthy Gums essential oil and rinsing your brush after each use. It’s important to also keep your toothbrush dry between uses to increase longevity. You should replace your Thriving Toothbrush every 2-3 months. Rinse bristles thoroughly before first use as some carbon may wash out when new..

Free of BPA

100% natural and compostable