10 Unexpected Ways To Use Colostrum

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10 Unexpected Ways To Use Colostrum


Colostrum, 10 Ways To Use it!

 Colostrum is more than just a supplement, it's a powerful superfood! It's so dynamic, that it has the ability to not only boost your immunity and ward off sickness, but is an amazing healer when applied to skin. There are so many incredible ways Colostrum can be used daily, other than just adding it to your morning smoothie or swallowing it by capsule. Some additional uses may surprise you! 

1. Feeding to house pets for healing properties. A great way to help build gut flora for any animals (or humans) especially after antibiotic treatment.

2. Face masks! Mix with a little water and/or healing honey. Apply to face as a mask, let it sit for 15 minutes or more, then rinse with warm water. Splash face with cold water to close pores. Other possible additions:  Rose Water, Essential Oils and Clay.

3. Spot treatment for wounds, scars, etc - make a paste and leave on for an hour or more. If you have acne or scarring on your face, mix a small amount of Colostrum with water and lavender or tea tree essential oil, let dry and go to bed. Your face will feel a bit stiff on your pillow, but when you wake up, your face will feel and look brighter!

4. Add a serving to any fruit smoothie to create a creamy beverage like strawberries and cream or Orange Creamsicle.  

5. Add a dose to kefir or yogurt.

6. Make a paste of Colostrum and water to apply to a burn to soothe pain and aid in healing. Add aloe and/or healing honey to this to experience additional benefits.  

7. Blend a dose with your Bulletproof coffee in the blender.

8. As a "hold you over" appetite suppressant take a spoonful while you get your food prepped to curb munching on junky snack foods. The fats should keep you satiated long enough to finish preparing your healthy meal.  
9. Makes a Yummy Frosting when mixed with Ghee and Honey!

10. Sore throat or cough? Mix Colostrum with honey and take a teaspoonful to ease throat pain or calm a cough. The honey works to soothe your throat and open airways if your chest is congested (and is anti-viral) and the Colostrum will help boost your immunity. 


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