Vitamin D And Why Your Immune System Needs It. Our Top 3 Natural Immune Support Picks!

Even if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you might still be deficient in Vitamin D and not even know it. Due to the angle of the sun, wintertime in the temperate zone means that we’re just not getting adequate sunlight to produce enough Vitamin D. For those living in urban areas, you're surrounded by tall buildings, which effectively act as sunlight-blocking canyons. We also wear a lot more clothing than ever before and pile on the layers as the months get colder.

Now with lockdowns and other public health protocols, people are simply not spending as much time outside getting exposure to the sun. Less sun exposure means a much higher likelihood of ending up with chronically low levels of Vitamin D, just like almost half of the American population. That's a startling statistic considering Vitamin D3 deficiencies are implicated in many forms of cancer, cold & flu viruses and also COVID infections. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that we keep our dietary Vitamin D3  levels up.  A lot of the traditional foods rich in Vitamin D3 that we used to eat, like liver and other organ meats, are no longer represented in our diet. Additionally, modern-day vegetables (those that are conventionally-grown, in particular) are much less nutrient-dense than in the past due to soil depletion. So, it's vital to regularly consume a high-quality Vitamin D3 supplement, especially in the colder months

That’s where Surthrival’s D3+K2 Daylight Concentrate really shines. It’s naturally-sourced Vitamin D3 from sheep’s lanolin and K2 from Japanese natto; that’s the most natural supplement you’re going to find anywhere! At 270 doses per bottle, this tincture is an incredibly good value. It is easy to take, just two drops a day gets the job done. Get one for you, get one for your family members, and your immune system will thank you for it!

D3+K2 supplements work amazingly on their own, but they work even better as part of a complete supplement regimen. For a well-rounded immunity stack, we recommend pairing your daily dose of Daylight Concentrate with Reishi Extract, Chaga Extract, and Colostrum Powder.

Why these three in particular?

Reishi mushroom is heralded as “The Mushroom of Immortality” and is one of the most powerful and widely-known Mushrooms available today. Scientific research is just now catching up to what we’ve known about Reishi for centuries. This medicinal mushroom is a wellspring of immunity. A significant portion of our immune function is influenced by external factors like our environment, diet, and history of infections. Reishi is scientifically celebrated for its ability to stimulate compromised immune systems and reverse inflammation by promoting the development of white blood cells. Surthrival’s dual extraction process concentrates these benefits into every bottle. We use organically grown Reishi, organic grape alcohol, and bottle our extracts in violet glass for maximum potency.

Chaga has been praised for centuries for its potent, immune supporting microchemistry and its rich antioxidant profile. Now more than ever, antioxidants and immune boosting medicinal mushrooms are essential allies for thriving in the modern world. Surthrival’s dual extraction process combines Chaga’s immune modulating, water-soluble beta glucans and its alcohol extracted antioxidant terpenes into one potent product.

Read More: Review of Medical Uses of Chaga by Arthur Haines

Both Reishi and Chaga are immunomodulators. If you have too strong of an immune system, like autoimmunity, they'll help to down-regulate and calm the immune system. If you have too weak of an immune system, like an immunodeficiency, they help to up-regulate or strengthen the immune system. So whatever you’re dealing with, they support bringing your immune system into balance.

Finally, the immune support superfood known as Colostrum! As mammal’s first food, it contains the essential building blocks for growth, gut integrity, and immune health. This article shows Colostrum is THREE TIMES more effective against flu and flu symptoms than flu vaccines — even in high risk patients. Bovine Colostrum is an incredible whole-food supplement for fighting flu and other viral-type infections, and the perfect product to round out this potent immune modulating supplement stack.

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