Our Team


About Surthrival

SURTHRIVAL is a premier provider of the most powerful regenerative food substances available anywhere in the natural world. These true super foods contain substances that have been known to powerfully support, rejuvenate and restore the functions of the human organism.

From the source, to our formulation, to our packaging, our products are the most elite in their class. Our product offerings have been meticulously developed to meet the needs of the most discerning of health connoisseurs. Whether your goals are the development of greater health, the honing of athletic ability, the cultivation of extreme longevity, or the quest for perpetual youth, SurThrival answers the call.

SurThrival is more than a product line. It is a bold new model for personal development and the achievement of our dynamic human potential. SurThrival is a philosophy and a celebration of our better nature. It is the belief in, and the commitment to, a life of startling abundance.

Our Emblem

SurThrival is a culture that supports each person’s journey towards total personal development. We have reflected this idea in our emblem, which depicts three interconnected spheres, each one representing one of the neuro-centers of the human body.

Science has now confirmed what many ancient cultures have always understood, the fact that there are not one but three “brain” centers in our bodies, one in our cranium, one in our heart and one in our intestine.

Our emblem shows each of these three neuro-centers connected by a central column – just the way our spinal cord connects the brain, heart and gut – and all of this is surrounded by a Golden and Silver aura representing the embrace of the natural polar opposites that exist within all things. For us, this is a symbol of the balanced and fully realized human.


Meet our team

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Daniel Vitalis is a founding member of SurThrival, as well as a Health Motivator and Public Educator. His work has been featured in radio, magazines, and recently in the film “Hungry For Change”.

He speaks and educates on a broad range of topics, from ancestral human diets and primal fitness to personal preparedness and survival skills.

Find him at www.DanielVitalis.com

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LeighLon Anderson is Co-Owner of Surthrival and oversees and manages the inner workings of Surthrival Operations and Human Resources. She focuses much of her energy and passion on EQ development and how it relates to business, as well as, encouraging the strengths of her team via Strengths Based Leadership principles.

LeighLon enjoys spending most of her free time with her family whilst also making time for things like wild foraging, gardening, keeping chickens, playing with her dog, reading, singing, studying the art of communication and body language and her most recent favorite pastime, photography.

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Jessi is our Administrative Assistant here at SurThrival. In her free time, she loves to spend time at home with her family (two & four legged).

She enjoys reading, exploring in the mountains, foraging, gardening, training her dogs, learning about animal behavior and has recently started to delve into herbal medicine making!

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Melanie is our Bookkeeper for the SurThrival Team. Melanie was born and raised in Maine and enjoys spending time with her husband and her four cats. In the spring, summer, and fall, she loves being outdoors hiking, jet skiing, and swimming. Preferring the warm weather, during the winter months Melanie loves to spend her time inside cuddling with her cats.

Melanie loves spending time with her family, nieces, nephews and great nieces. She thrives on being busy and loves to learn new things.