Welcome to the SurThrival Creed! We created this project to stimulate, energize, and invigorate your mind, and to remind you of just how wonderful our human nature really is when we align with our authentic selves!

These free downloads are perfect for your desktop, in fact, we like using all five for the multiple desktops that we run on our computers here at SurThrival!

We hope they bring you as much inspiration and expansiveness as they have brought us and may they also serve as a joyful reminder of your Wild nature!


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I am a member of the most adaptable species that has ever inhabited the planet. There is nowhere on Earth that I can not carve out a niche in which to thrive.

Whether natural or technological, all environments are my habitat, all landscapes are mine to explore. I master and perfect myself through my will, instinct and ingenuity.

I am fully committed to going beyond mere survival. I am committed to thriving, to adapting to any and all circumstances. I do this by flowing with natural principles, never by battling nature or the elements.

I honor those who have come before me, and prepare the way for those who will come after me. I am a steward of the great and dynamic human genome.

I respect all life and habitat, and consistently seek to express this in how I choose to live my life. This is my code.

I am a SurThriver