CBD Skin Serum


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CBD Skin Serum w/ Emu Oil 30 mL

A potent blend of Emu Oil, CBD and Velvet Antler — this age-restoring serum supports the stimulation of collagen production, the regulation of oil production and the regeneration of skin cells.

Anti-Aging | Soothing | Restorative

A Savior for Skin

CBD Skin Serum is a deeply moisturizing, rich and hydrating formula that utilizes the healing powers of emu oil, CBD and velvet antler emulsified with pure jojoba oil, then very lightly scented with relaxing lavender.

This anti-aging serum is a potent blend of Emu Oil, CBD and Antler Velvet which have been shown to:

  • Even skin tone & clear skin complexion
  • Reduce signs of wrinkles, scars, & burns
  • Benefit aging hands with transdermal delivery
  • Repair damage caused by sun exposure
  • Alleviate inflammation and joint pain
  • Work synergistically with cosmetic procedures

The Surthrival Difference

  • Verified 0% THC
  • Supports pain relief, skin repair, and combatting inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory oils deliver growth factors transdermally
  • Pesticide and herbicide free
  • Non-GMO

Suggested Use:

Shake well before each use. Apply a few drops to face, décolletage, hands, or joints twice daily. For external use only.

May also be used on problem areas and makes for a perfect hand serum as well. Remember our hands age first, but will also benefit from the transdermal delivery of the — well-known for its healing powers superstar — emu oil alongside powerful antler velvet and rich newcomer CBD oil. It’s a trio that makes perfect sense for dry skin, wrinkles and arthritic conditions or injured areas of the body.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Hydrolized Jojoba Esters, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Purified Water, Organic Grape Alcohol, Lavender Oil, Velvet Antler Extract, Micro Emulsion Cannabidiol Extract, Vegetable Oil, Sorbitan Monooleate (emulsifier), Polysorbate 80 and Propylene Glycol