CBD3 Peppermint Oral Spray


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500mg CBD Effective Dose Broad-Spectrum Oral Spray infused with invigorating, breath-freshening peppermint oil. Convenient and easy to use!

CBD3, with 3 premium hemp extractions in one, and advanced nanotechnology for maximum absorption, this IS the industry game-changer!

We begin with organically-grown full-spectrum agricultural hemp to create a superior carrier oil for 3 potent broad-spectrum CBD extracts resulting in this highly-absorbable, premier blend.

This formulation, a 3 stage proprietary blend, is unlike anything on the market. The 3 stage, all-natural, time-release effect has shown presence in blood plasma within just minutes of consumption, and lasts up to 24 hours, twice as long as standard CBD. With Surthrival CBD3, less is more! 

Pure - Potent - Proven

Our proprietary blend utilizes two patented and proven delivery systems in combination with broad-spectrum CBD to maximize cellular uptake and take advantage of the numerous health benefits that cannabidiols offer.


CBD³ has been demonstrated to absorb significantly better than regular CBD that doesn't utilize a nanotechnology delivery system. Nanotechnology allows us to stabilize a normally unstable CBD molecule in water, making it not only more effective in the human body but also significantly easier to work within a wide variety of manufacturing applications.


CBD³'s microemulsion hemp has been scientifically demonstrated to absorb in the blood stream more rapidly and remain in the bloodstream for longer than regular CBD. Because of its superior absorption, a much smaller dose can yield more effective results, making Surthrival's CBD³ Hemp Extract a healthier, more efficient, and more economical choice. With numerous tests proving absorption, bioavailability, heat and cold stability, and long-term shelf stability you won't find a more comprehensive CBD product on the market.



  • Heat resistant
  • High-quality organically grown hemp 
  • Better bioavailability and faster onset of action with a lower dosage
  • Grown and produced in the USA
  • Non-GMO, Pesticide and Herbicide Free
  • Unique, patented technology protects our superior delivery system
  • Superior shelf life means product is stable and potent even at extremely high and low temperatures
  • Does not degrade in the stomach
  • Liposomal delivery
  • Tested 0% THC

Our proprietary 3 stage process for maximum absorption:

Stage 1: We use a CBD isolate that is 10-20 nanometers (Regular CBD is up to 600 nanometers) This CBD will be delivered into the bloodstream 1st.

Stage 2:  A broad spectrum CBD that is 25-50 nanometers making it the 2nd to enter the blood plasma.

Stage 3: A classic broad spectrum CBD that will be the last to be absorbed.


This 3 stage process creates a natural time-release effect in the body with maximum absorption and benefit. 

Absorption in as little as 30 minutes, lasting up to 24 hours.

Other Ingredients:


Peppermint Oil

Usage Instructions:  Shake vigorously before each use.

Take 3 sprays under the tongue daily or as needed.