Transcend Domestication T-shirt- Men's


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Transcend Domestication Organic Cotton T-Shirt — Men's

Colors: Natural
Men’s Sizes: S-XXL

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We are overstocked on these timeless t-shirt designs that will never go out of fashion. Grab one for you and one for a friend! Limited quantities available. While supplies last.

This t-shirt is celebrated L.A. graffiti artist Mear One’s interpretation of SurThrival’s take on human evolution and the bright future of human potential.

Colors: Natural

Men’s Sizes: S-XXL

The bottom of the design depicts our species adaptive path through the ages, beginning with a simian ancestor and leading up to Homo sapiens, the human hunter-gatherer. At the shirts center is humanity’s current domesticated form, what we call “Homo sapiens domestico-fragilis” (meaning “the fragile domesticated wise man”). The very top of the shirt illustrates the new, emerging, evolved human, in all his potential, embodied as “Homo sapiens neo-aboriginalis” (“the new aboriginal wise man”).

We are picky about how we like our t-shirts to fit, and can’t stand to wear stiff or frumpy fabrics! Our soft and supple Organic Cotton lays flatteringly across your physique, and our non-toxic eco-ink design is embedded into the fabric, not raised above it. This image won’t crack or peel and is designed to last the life of the shirt.

To best preserve the screen-print we recommend you dry the shirt once for about ten or fifteen minutes on high in your dryer to fully set the ink before washing. Setting the ink will assist in preserving the high-quality graphic.

Enjoy the questions and looks that are sure to come as you wear this one of a kind, attention-grabbing shirt! If you are a believer in the limitless potential of our species this shirt is a must-have and it’s sure to get other people thinking along the way!

We at Surthrival believe that we CAN Transcend Domestication! The time for change is now…

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