Have You Met Holly?

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Have You Met Holly?

Have You Met Holly?



When we first met her we knew we had discovered a true all-American treasure. Her name is Holly—well, her friends call her Holly—and trust us, she’s the total package: smokin’ hot, energetic, totally wild but also very mellow and down to chill. Never bitter. She has this wonderfully addictive personality and an energy that just perks you right up. Let’s just say she’s exactly your cup of tea. Although technically she’s an herbal infusion. Say “hey” to your new bae: Yaupon.



 Surthrival is setting you up with the only naturally-caffeinated wild plant native to North America. Pronounced “Yo-Pawn,” this native and invasive species grows wild and is sustainably harvested by hand in central Texas. We know you’ve been in that friends-with-benefits relationship with your coffee, your yerba mate, your matcha, and your chai—it might be hot for right now, but you’re not ready to fully commit to a relationship that makes you compromise values like ethics and sustainability. Each fad and flavor of the week has its own sex appeal, but not the true satisfaction you’re craving in one of your most essential daily rituals.  You want something perfectly suited to your wildish ways, and Yaupon is the one you can really settle down with.  She’s delete-your-Tinder-account material. She’s meet-your-parents material. But you ought to get to know each other better, so we’ll be rolling out frequent articles with all the details from the rich family history, to common misconceptions, to some serious 1700s-style shade-throwing (because we all have our baggage). We think you’ll be head-over-heels happily-ever-after once you see what a perfect match this nutritious, wild crafted, energizing plant is for thriving in the modern world.













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