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Nourishing + Anti-Inflammatory Colostrum Face Mask

Posted by Jessi Surthrival on

Looking for a DIY spa experience right in your own home? We’re about to reveal our biggest beauty secret! Drumroll, please…. Colostrum! Taken internally, Colostrum helps our skin to glow from the inside out with its rich suite of nutrients, growth factors and probiotics, but Colostrum — a potent anti-inflammatory substance — can also be used topically to beautify, soothe and heal our skin (works great on burns too!). In its simplest form, all you really need is water (and/or honey!) to mix together with Colostrum for a soothing mask, but when we’re feelin’ like a spa day, we like...

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Collagen, A Necessary Beauty Secret

Posted by LeighLon Surthrival on

We're living in a cultural time when it's increasingly becoming the norm to use cosmetic surgery to alter the way our skin appears. As people age, more and more of the population is relying on cosmetic alterations to hide the inevitable decline of their skins integrity and spending endless money on temporary fixes like injections, and cosmetic creams and serums that end up at the bottom of a bathroom drawer having delivered little to no visible results.

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