Yaupon Colostrum Brew - Morning Caffeine Upgraded!

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Yaupon Colostrum Brew - Morning Caffeine Upgraded!

When it comes to morning beverages, we couldn't dream up a more perfect blend. Immuno-modulating, gut-strengthening, sustained-energy-producing — upgrade your morning caffeine routine with our Yaupon Colostrum Brew!



Yaupon — Yerba Maté's North American sibling — is the caffeinated base of this brew. Balanced with theobromine (the same gentle stimulant found in cacao), it boasts all the energy and enhanced focus of coffee minus the unwanted side effects.

We love the full-bodied flavor of Yaupon (and of course, the healthy energy boost!), but what really lights us up about this tea is that it's wild-crafted right here at home! We've officially stopped importing our buzz!

We prefer the Medium and Dark roasts to best compliment the richness of this beverage.

Chaga Tea

For this drink, we like to infuse our Yaupon Tea into a decoction of Chaga mushroom tea (wild-harvest yourself or purchase from a sustainable forager). Chaga mushroom has been a long-time favorite of ours for its potent immuno-modulating and adaptogenic properties, as well as its rich, slightly sweet, earthy flavor.

Note: If you can't find Chaga but have our Chaga Elixir on hand just add a dropper or two and voila! 

 Surthrival Colostrum

Surthrival Colostrum —often called “Immune-Milk” — gives this drink a creamy texture, decadent richness, and provides a powerful boost of energy to your day. Rich in immunoglobulins and growth factors, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and amino acids, this substance is the very first food of all mammals. Fun fact: Our Colostrum is bovine Colostrum which features a chemical structure identical to human colostrum — meaning we’re perfectly designed to assimilate this impressive suite of nutrients!

This whole-food supplement offers immune support, gut restoration, pre-workout energy & physical stamina, and post-workout regeneration. Talk about starting your day off on the right foot!

Organic Ghee or Grass-Fed Organic Butter

Adding organic ghee or organic pastured butter to this drink gives it the sustained energy factor — providing a dose of saturated fat for the body to slowly burn throughout the morning. Coupled with Colostrum, enjoy a silky smooth beverage that’s satisfying and delicious! 


1 qt of Chaga Tea (or your dark herbal tea of choice) infused with Medium or Dark Roast Yaupon Tea

3 tbsp of Organic Ghee or Grass-fed Organic Butter

4 tbsp of Surthrival Colostrum powder

1/2 tbsp of Vanilla powder

Sweeten to taste with a mixture of Stevia and Maple Syrup, or your favorite sweetener!


Decoct Chaga Mushroom in spring water (or the cleanest water available to you).


Infuse Medium or Dark Roast Yaupon Tea into your Chaga decoction.


Add all of the above ingredients into your blender with the tea, sweeten, and blend!

BEST SERVED HOT (or at least warm!)

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