A Day in the Life of Daniel Vitalis

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A Day in the Life of Daniel Vitalis

Take a peek inside a day in the life of our founder, Daniel Vitalis! Between hosting the WildFed TV show on Outdoor Channel, hosting The WildFed Podcast, overseeing operations at Surthrival, and hunting, fishing and foraging — Daniel has quite a bit on his plate. He gets his fuel from Surthrival's powerful line of supplements and superfoods! In fact, Daniel specifically formulated each product to optimize the lives of active and productive individuals like himself.

In this video, he shares how he utilizes Surthrival supplements in his daily life, why he takes each one and best practices for developing an optimal supplement protocol. Plus, Daniel also shares his favorite morning blended drink recipe — it's super simple with ingredients that will keep you going all day long!


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    • Hi there, Dandelion Woods! You’ve come to the right place :) You can browse our website here (using the navigation at the top of the page) and find all the products Daniel discusses in this video! Thanks for your interest in our products!

      Surthrival on
    • My husband and I are very interested in your products can you send us a link fir ordering from you ☺ 🌿🍁🍂

      Dandelion Woods on
    • Oops!! That was definitely a typo on our end, LOL! We meant prostate-supporting herbs ;) Thanks for catching that!

      Surthrival on
    • So funny! I didn’t know nettle and eleuthero helped you to lay face down…as in prostrate… LOL !

      eileen tobon on
    • Great question, Tim! Pine Pollen Gold — our 1:1 extract — is solely wild-harvested pine pollen extract. Pine Pollen Pure Potency is wild-harvested pine pollen extract with the addition of prostrate-supporting herbs nettle rhizome and eleuthero root (plus, Tahitian vanilla bean, orange peel and maple syrup for flavor).

      Surthrival on

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