3 Ingredient Wild Food Pancakes

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3 Ingredient Wild Food Pancakes

Quick, ditch the Bisquick! We’ve got a pancake recipe that will rock your world.

Comfort food at its finest! All you need are 3 ingredients to create these wild, nutritious and satisfying pancakes that you’ll love feeding to your family. Simplicity, comfort, and health all wrapped into a plate full of flapjacks. 


1 cup cooked wild rice
1 cup Surthrival Colostrum
6 pastured eggs
Splash of spring water


  1. Blend ingredients.
  2. Heat your pan, and add ghee or butter to coat surface of the pan.
  3. Pour pancake batter, and cook like you would a traditional pancake!
  4. Finish with you topping of choice, and enjoy!


    Or go savory and serve topped with bacon!

    The pancake is such a great blank slate for culinary experimentation - have at it! And please share your favorite 3 Ingredient Wild Food Pancake renditions with us!

    See? We told ya - easy-peasy! Breakfast is served!


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    • Hi, all looks so good!
      Wondering if the colostrum in the wild pancake
      recipe will be damaged by the heat when cooking

      Abby on
    • Would love it if your recipes were downloadable/printable. Huge thanks!

      Rebecca McHaas on

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