ReWild Yourself T-shirt — Women's Natural Straight Cut

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ReWild Yourself is the mantra of the emerging human, or what we like to call Homo sapiens neoaboriginalis: the new aboriginal.

This t-shirt is celebrated L.A. graffiti artist Mear One’s interpretation of ReWilding! It depicts the Nordic mythological “Vilderman”, or Wild-Man, being vitalized by exposing himself to the elements. The Wild-Man archetype represents that part of us that would discard the garments of civilization, and the domestication that comes with them, for a life lived in the world of natural magic.

Colors: Natural
Women’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL 
*Women’s Straight Cut only available in Natural color

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It is our belief that embracing, rather than fighting against the Elements of Nature, is the secret to developing robust health and vigorous longevity! This was the path of our ancestors, and we believe it is, at least in part, the path of the future of our species.

We are picky about how we like our t-shirts to fit, and can’t stand to wear stiff or frumpy fabrics! Our soft and supple Organic Cotton lays flatteringly across your physique, and our non-toxic eco-ink design is embedded into the fabric, not raised above it. This image won’t crack or peel and is designed to last the life of the shirt.





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