Monthly Auto-Ship: Immortal Velvet Gold — 30 mL


Monthly Auto-Ship: Immortal Velvet Gold — 30 mL

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Our Flagship Elk Velvet Antler formula. This world famous Collagen-rich adaptogenic regenerative formula, exclusively from Free-Range American Elk, concentrated 43:1 and suspended in Organic Grape Alcohol.


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A word from our team:

Since the early development of SurThrival’s Immortal Velvet, we have worked exclusively with Elk from the United States. While our products are in the “Deer Antler” category, we have chosen to work with domestic Elk populations because we do not support the New Zealand Deer Antler Industry or its practices.

SurThrival’s Antler product is sourced exclusively from a single farm in Idaho, where our Elk free-range their entire lives on slaughter-free open ranch lands.

Our antler harvesting process is pain and stress free for these beautiful and docile animals, and is done using a method that differs dramatically from those of the New Zealand Deer Antler industry.

Recently videos and images depicting the methods used in the New Zealand industry have been made viral by individuals who have misled others to believe that these are our practices. They are not.

The health and humane treatment of our Elk populations are paramount to our business model, its culture, and its ethics.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

The SurThrival Team

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At SurThrival, our Focus is on Adaptation and Regeneration

That’s why we’ve searched the globe for the most regenerative and adaptogenic substances available in nature.

It didn’t take us long to discover that many advanced cultures around the world felt that the Antler Velvet of cervid mammals like Elk, Deer, and Moose contain what may just be natures most complex matrix of regenerative substances found in any ecosystem!

But for us, and for our community, this knowledge wasn’t enough. We wanted to bring more than just the most potent deer Velvet Antler formula we could, but also the most vibrant, most ethical, and most local we could find!

Elk Velvet Antler contains a powerful blend of growth factors in a naturally occurring matrix. These naturally occurring growth factors are involved in every cellular function in the human body, from metabolism to immune response. It provides a solution to the age-old quest for the fountain of youth, by giving us a naturally occurring concentration of anti-aging components that can turn back the hands of time.

Clinical research shows that this proprietary IGF matrix supplement has a profound ability to produce more red blood cells that help deliver oxygen to your muscles therefore, dramatically aiding muscular endurance in addition to providing enhanced muscle and injury recovery. Clinical research also shows the ability for this extract to produce more immune system aiding white blood cells. These are essential for aiding in the combat of free radical cellular development which are the main proponents of muscle degeneration and wasted work out sessions. 

Enter Immortal Velvet

What we feel is the most concentrated Antler Formula to ever exist. Based on the “Russian Method”, the extraction style developed during the extensive medical studies conducted on Velvet Antler and then taken a step further.

Not only do we work with free range, slaughter free Elk farms, where our strong animals live out healthy lives, but we harvest only the “living tips”, the growing portion of velvet antler.

Just compare the vibrant, living pink color of our product to the dull browns and greys of competitors and the quality of Immortal Velvet will be immediately apparent!


Immortal Velvet feature elements:

» Made exclusively from herds of free-range elk in the U.S.

» Humanely harvested, we never use “cutting rooms”, tourniquets, anesthetics, or tranquilizers on our elk

» Concentrated 43:1 before extraction, yielding the highest potency

» Extracted in organic grape ethanol for maximum quality and optimum absorption of growth factors

» Bottled in superior Violet Miron Glass for maximum freshness, stability and storability

» Available in three strengths: Gold, Silver and Platinum with Tribulus. Same product, different concentrations


Differentiation of Concentrations

All of our Immortal Velvet products are based on our proprietary 43:1 extract. Through sublimation we are able to concentrate our raw velvet antler material 43 times.

This means that 43 pounds of raw velvet antler tips are concentrated down to just one pound of our dried extract. One and a half grams of this 43:1 extract goes into our 1 oz. bottle of Immortal Velvet Platinum, 1 gram of our 43:1 extract goes into every bottle of Immortal Velvet Gold and nearly a half gram goes into each 1 oz. bottle of Immortal Velvet Silver.

Another way to say this, is that our Immortal Velvet Platinum contains 1,500mg of our 43:1 Elk Antler Velvet extract, our Immortal Velvet Gold contains 1,000mg of our 43:1 Elk Antler Velvet extract and our Immortal Velvet Silver contains 450mg of our 43:1 extract of Elk Antler Velvet.

Because of the different amounts of our 43:1 extract in each formula, the amount of IGF-1 per bottle differs as well. The Immortal Velvet Platinum has 50mg of Antler Velvet per dose and yields 150mcg of IGF-1 per bottle. Our Immortal Velvet Gold has 33-36mg of Antler Velvet per dose, which yields 100mcg of IGF-1 per bottle. The Immortal Velvet Silver has 14-16mg of Antler Velvet per dose and yields 45mcg of IGF-1 per bottle.


What do growth factors do?

Insulin-like Growth Factors 1 and 2 (IGF-1 and IGF-2) IGF-1 and IGF-2 increase lean body mass, reduce fat, build bone, muscle, and nerves while assisting in glucose metabolism. Research indicates that IGF-1 encourages the absorption of both chondroitin and glucosamine sulfate. Research also shows that a decline in IGF-1 levels is among the causes of bone disorder development. IGF-1 is considered by many scientists to be a marker in overall growth hormone status. IGF-1 looks and acts enough like insulin that your cell receptors may become suppressed, causing growth hormones to release stored fat. Through this mechanism, cells will use up fat rather than sugar or other carbohydrates. IGF-2 promotes tissue growth and is expressed primarily in embryonic and neonatal tissues.


Transforming Growth Factors A and B (TGF-A and TGF-B)

TGF-A promotes normal wound healing through a concerted effort with Epidermal Growth Factor and Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF). Without TGF-A, wound healing would be nearly impossible. TFG-B has an anti-inflammatory response to cytokine production and mesenchymal (MHC) expression. This promotes wound healing in a concerted effort with TGF-A, EGF and PDG while inhibiting both macrophage and lymphocyte proliferation. Without TGF-B, wound healing would also be nearly impossible and an important “feedback loop” for cytokine anti-inflammatory production would not be in place. It is important to note that for normal tissue development to occur, whether it occurs through wound healing or regeneration, TGF A & B must be in a natural matrix of co-factors.


Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

EGF promotes healthy tissue development while impeding abnormal growth. EGF has also been shown to decrease gastric acid production. It promotes mesenchymal (lymphatic), glial (nerve), and epithelial (skin) cell proliferation. Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Promotes venous, venule, artery, arteriole, and capillary health by providing the essential co-factors for repairing and restoring damaged vessels.


Neurotrophin Growth Factor (NGF)

Works synergistically with nerve growth factor to promote neurite and nerve survival and development.


Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF)

Contains at least 19 different types, of which their prominent role is in the development of skeletal and nervous systems in mammals. FGF is also located in the central nervous system and in peripheral nerves, with less prominent effects including the regulation of both pituitary and ovarian cell function. FGF induces formation of new blood vessels and is used to heal pressure sores and venous ulcers in skin graft donor sites.



Growth factors also include a unique family of cytokines. Cytokines stimulate the humoral and cellular immune responses, as well as the activation of phagocyte cells. Cytokines secreted from lymphocytes are called interleukins, of which the list grows continuously with the number of individual activities (now at 22).


How does our Immortal Velvet growth factor matrix compare to HGH Products?

It contains no growth hormones.
HGH is released by the pituitary gland in your brain in response to hypothalamic pulses of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). As the body ages it loses its natural ability to produce/release HGH. HGH products cannot include HGH unless they are regulated by the FDA and prescribed by a physician.

Most HGH products are stimulator/releasers (otherwise known as secretagogue) that will stimulate the pituitary to unnaturally produce HGH. This HGH should then cause the production of the sought after growth factors. These products are attempting to jump start the same pituitary gland that is already showing indications of burning out. Considering the importance of this master gland, it does not seem wise to over-stimulate this gland. IMMORTAL VELVET™ is the safe and all-natural alternative that includes a full matrix of growth factors as well as IGF-1 in their final form (metabolite).


A note on IGF-1 Isolates

Immortal Velvet is not isolated IGF-1. It is a natural concentrated portion of the proteins that contain the growth factors found in velvet antler. The risks related to IGF-1 are largely attributed to the body having a disproportionate amount of available IGF-1. IMMORTAL VELVET provides a matrix of growth factors (including IGF-1), as they are found in nature, in their proper balance. This natural balance helps keep IGF-1, as an isolate, in its safe ratio.


Please note on Auto-Ship orders:

Your auto-ship order will automatically ship every month on the purchase date. For example, if you purchased the item on the 15th of the month, it will ship every month on the 15th. By joining SurThrival’s auto-ship program, you are agreeing to participate for a minimum of three months. If for any reason you would like to cancel your auto-ship after three months, then you may cancel it at any time. If you are unsure if the auto-ship program is right for you, we suggest ordering at the regular retail price to try your selected product before signing up for our auto-ship program. The method of payment used in the first order, will be the automatic method of payment for all recurring orders (credit card or PayPal). If you need to change the payment method on your auto-ship order, please contact customer support at here or 207-850-1106.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.

All Surthrival formulations are produced in GMP certified facilities within the United States.

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