Welcome To Our Affiliate Program!

Thinking about joining SurThrival’s Affiliate Marketing Program? Here are just a few of the reasons you can feel great about partnering with us!

Passive Income!

- We offer you a 15% commission on all sales that come through your affiliate link, even during sales and promotions (which happen weekly)! This commission rate can be negotiable down the road, after we have spent some time working with one another and  establishing our new relationship.

Get Paid Forever!

- Once you refer a sale to us, you continue to receive commissions infinitely on that customers’ future purchases, even if they come direct to our website, just so long as they are still using the same IP address!

Real People to Talk to!

- We communicate with you regularly. Not too much, mind you… But we give you a heads up before a sale or promotion begins, so that you have the opportunity to promote to your clientele, whether that is via social networks, e-mail newsletters or blog posts, or any other creative avenue you use. This usually shows up as an e-mail once per week, sharing all of the sale details so you can feel fully prepared to promote to your network!

A Team Devoted to Your Success!

- We set you up for success!  We have a complete collection of pre-designed marketing tools such as banners, email copy, and personal product links, ready to rock for your marketing use. They can all be found in your affiliate back-end.  We will be continually evolving these tools and keeping them fresh!

A Robust Affiliate Portal!

- Upon signing up as an affiliate with us, you are provided with your own personal affiliate “back office”. You can visit this at any time, to keep track of your commission earnings and sales throughout the month. You can also pull an array of reports retroactively, in the case you would like to revisit past payments, specific commission earnings, etc. Our system also sends you e-mail notifications every time you earn a commission and every time we send you a payment.

Reliable and Timely Payments!

- We pay, and we pay on time. You can count on your affiliate commission payment arriving on the same day, each month (we pay on the 1st), whether you accrue $2.00 or $2000 – We pay you whatever you have earned! Payments are sent using PayPal, along with a commission report for your records. In other words, payments land in your account the same day we send them. Cha-ching!

Contests and Giveaways!

- We give away free stuff. We hold opportunities for contests amongst the affiliates where you can win an array of prizes, including SurThrival products and much more! We will keep you posted via e-mail when these contests are in motion so you can fully participate.

Lightning Fast, High Quality Support!

- We want you to feel supported. We pride ourselves in our fantastic customer support, so you can always count on a prompt response to any inquiries you send in, within 24 hours, during business days of course.

Keeping it Ethical!

- We are a new paradigm business, and we care for and about our customers. We realize that by marketing us to your community, you put your reputation on the line.  SurThrival is committed to stewarding our lists ethically. We never share our customer lists, we are conservative with the amount of email we send, and we always seek to add value to the lives of those we serve with our products.

Nothing but the Best!

- We are a discerning company and pride ourselves in our outstanding, high-integrity and high-quality products, so you can feel confident promoting only the most fantastic products available. It takes a special kind of person, or organization, to truly leverage this opportunity and turn it into a profitable venture and a mutually beneficial relationship. We are truly excited to work with you.

Keep Thriving, in Health and in your Business,

The SurThrival Team

If you would like to be considered for our affiliate program, simply click the sign up link below.

15% Commission Commission Type 15% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver
Payout Requirements $0.00 - Minimum balance required for payout.
Discount policy $0.00 discount on each purchased item